Saturday, November 7, 2015

VMworld Day 2 General Session Summary

End User Computing - the planet of the phones

the world in 2020 will have super computing capabilities in their pocket

mobility is transforming the world we live in

consumer simplicity meets enterprise security

one cloud - any application - any device

VMware Workspace Suite including Identity Manager

EUC with SDDC provides the any app on any device

Gartner leapfrogs VMware to the leader in the Virtual Client Computing Market

Mobile is the new desktop and Airwatch is fastest growing and leader in that technology

Microsoft presentation
Windows 10 - IT simplified
VMware Loves Windows10
Airwatch and Windows10 management

Project A2 app volumes to the physical world

It's that time of year again - become a vExpert

I've been working with VMware related products for over a decade and I never really thought about the vExpert program until recently.  I started a new job working for VMware as a pre-sales systems engineer for Enterprise Select customers in the Milwaukee, WI area and realized that #1 I love working for VMware, #2 I've been doing this VMware thing for years, #3 and most importantly, I was told that I probably should just apply because of my involvement over the years and my recent speaking engagements as a customer and more recently now as a VMware Engineer at VMUG events, etc.... Thanks Matt Heldstab @mattheldstab for the vote of confidence.

More importantly, I've always thought that it's not important what I'm doing but what I'm doing to help other people in their journey towards understanding virtualization, SDDC, cloud computing, EUC, etc... I think it's important that everyone interested enough in the technology, self-reflect and determine if you feel the same way, that it's important to share that information with others, to help them grow, mature, collaborate, and if that's the case, get involved.

The vExpert program, if you've done your part and depending on the journey you've taken towards the different application options, will provide you with the community recognition that you may or may not want, but maybe should deserve based on your individual accomplishments and more importantly your willingness to 'spread the good word' to others, which in my book, is what's really the reason I applied in the first place.  I'm excited about what's happening in the market today and can't wait to see what the next decade brings us.

Monday, August 31, 2015

VMworld 2015 San Fran Day 1 General Session

Energy, excitement, buzz throughout the streets, starting off with apps on stage surrounding Carl Eschenbach, interesting intro.

over 23,000 attending the event this year, record attendance.
50,000 people watching online.
88 countries represented across the globe.
6,000 VMUG customers and 7,000 partners.
20 people recognized as attending every VMworld including Carl at all 12 events.
VMware Foundation allows individuals opportunities to give back to the communities they support. #vGiveBack #[Your Cause]

This year's theme - Ready for Any
What If - Run, Build, Deliver, Secure - ready for any application on any device covering all challenges with the freedom and stability necessary.  OneCloud - AnyApplication - AnyDevice
Seamless integration between private/managed/public cloud into unified hybrid cloud (one logical cloud)
Seamless federation of applications within unified hybrid cloud.

Customer and Partner - DirectTV (Mike Benson)
Company growth and merger with ATT, explosion of mobile devices help layout their vision and long term strategy
Using a hybrid cloud approach for years
Unified cloud is their strategy
Example: planned for capacity add month ahead of Pacquiao-Mayweather fight to eliminate bottleneck of user experience
Every year they have challenges for demands for services and capabilities, took lessons learned from fight and applying them towards the upcoming NFL season.

Bill Fathers - Disaster Recovery, Application Scaling and Mobile Applications
App Scaling - latency kills revenues, milliseconds matter

Mobile Applications 

Hybird Applications

They are seeing the rise of Hybrid Applications, with the need for a unified hybrid cloud between private and public cloud.
There's a need for a hybrid network layer to allow network packet traffic to be extended seamlessly between the private and public cloud environments.
How is this being accomplished?  Between the software defined datacenter and VMware products defined here.  EVO SDDC extends physical management extending into top of rack switching.
VMware Helps to Simplify the RUN
process by the tools provided in the SDDC and scales out nicely in their example.
With the concept of the Virtual Rack,
you get the benefits of non-disrutptive Lifecycle Automation for patching, etc....
Building on the Ready for Any Run theme
Extending the network with the Unified Hybrid Cloud Networking Services is the method to bridge the gap between your cross cloud environments.

Diving into Mobile Back End as Service - Identity Management Example
Complete end to end solution for MBEAS boosting mobile development services.  See in the HOLs.  Cross cloud vMotions in the demo, pretty awesome!!!
Summary of the systems we previewed in the demos.

EMC2 - Virtustream
The Virtustream Enterprise Class Cloud provides a secure, highly available, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to enterprises and government customers.  BIG SAP, etc...

Cloud Native applications - mostly developed in house, focused on very specific business and competitive outcome
Containers comes up in conversations all the time in these conversations.  Docker example given in demo.
Challenges involve visibility into containers and managability.

From a management point of view, VI Admin can create a VI Container host.

All the power of vSphere Integrated containers allows you to integrate scripts, containers, and security with hardware level isolation.
Now we're talking about Photon OS, Instant clone, and just enough virtualization.

The new VMware Platform - Photon.  API first DEVOPS designed.  On top of the hypervisor, we're adding a microvisor based on ESX.

Enabling Multiple DEVOPS teams to rapidly scale out and deploy secure container based applications.  Available by VMware subscription.  Unifying the needs of IT and DEVOPS!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VMware Integrated OpenStack, Why it's always better with bacon

What is OpenStack?

In a nutshell, OpenStack is a framework for providing developers with cloud-style APIs and tools on top of a choice of infrastructure technologies, but does NOT provide the underlying technologies themselves.  You still need a hypervisor.

What's missing?

All your enterprise features like policies, governance, compliance, and not to mention your common expected management functions like snapshots, backup and DR capabilities.

What's the challenge?

Scripting through API calls, finding the right drivers to integrate with your compute, network and storage virtualization stack.

Where's the bacon?
VMware Integrated Openstack (VIO)

VIO gives you a choice of how you want to consume OpenStack, either through a tightly integrated
product (VIO) or a loosely integrated framework via distro partners.

You can start with VIO on vSphere today and still have a way to use other technologies, like KVM, in the future by leveraging distro partners

VIO pulls in all the expected management capabilities, plus the additional features of the vSphere platform, integrated drivers for the network, compute, and storage that integrate with the APIs, all of the policies, governance, compliance, etc... reducing the overhead of custom development costs for a snowflake deployment.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Run Containers on vSphere with Project Photon and Project Lightwave

VMware vSphere Blog announcement
Project Photon is VMware’s attempt at a lightweight Linux 
operating system for containerized applications. It completes with Red Hat's Atomic offering and Canonical’s Ubuntu Snappy. Photon is, understandably, optimized for VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Air environments.

Project Lightwave is VMware’s container identity and access management technology. The distributed nature of microservices-based applications makes it difficult for enterprises to maintain the identity and access of all interrelated components and users.

Friday, April 17, 2015

VMware Remote Console for Mac now Available!!

If you use a mac, one of the things you will notice when connecting to a vCenter 5.5 Web console is when connecting to a VM to open a console session, you only had the option to 'Launch Console' which would open up a console session in a new browser window or tab depending on how you have your browser setup. 

With the new VMware Remote Console for Mac installed, you now have a new option available which will open the VMware Remote Console in a separate application window for console sessions to running virtual machines.  Clicking on the 'I' icon next to Open will provide the details on what the VMRC will do.

Launching the VMRC will prompt you to use the newly installed application to open the VM console using the application installed rather than launching the console in a separate browser window.

Once the VMRC window has launched, you will find that the remote console session looks, acts, and feels very similar to managing a VM that was running in VMware Fusion.

 To learn more or to download the VMRC visit the VMware Download Site.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

VMware Horizon 6 View Performance Best Practices Testing

You've heard of the movie Inception?

Now take it to the next level with server virtualization. 

Learn more here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Using Docker in modern CI/CD environments, ready for primetime?

Learn more here

Upgrade your VMware 5 Certs if you passed the upgrade by the deadlines previously.

Get the details here