Saturday, November 7, 2015

VMworld Day 2 General Session Summary

End User Computing - the planet of the phones

the world in 2020 will have super computing capabilities in their pocket

mobility is transforming the world we live in

consumer simplicity meets enterprise security

one cloud - any application - any device

VMware Workspace Suite including Identity Manager

EUC with SDDC provides the any app on any device

Gartner leapfrogs VMware to the leader in the Virtual Client Computing Market

Mobile is the new desktop and Airwatch is fastest growing and leader in that technology

Microsoft presentation
Windows 10 - IT simplified
VMware Loves Windows10
Airwatch and Windows10 management

Project A2 app volumes to the physical world

It's that time of year again - become a vExpert

I've been working with VMware related products for over a decade and I never really thought about the vExpert program until recently.  I started a new job working for VMware as a pre-sales systems engineer for Enterprise Select customers in the Milwaukee, WI area and realized that #1 I love working for VMware, #2 I've been doing this VMware thing for years, #3 and most importantly, I was told that I probably should just apply because of my involvement over the years and my recent speaking engagements as a customer and more recently now as a VMware Engineer at VMUG events, etc.... Thanks Matt Heldstab @mattheldstab for the vote of confidence.

More importantly, I've always thought that it's not important what I'm doing but what I'm doing to help other people in their journey towards understanding virtualization, SDDC, cloud computing, EUC, etc... I think it's important that everyone interested enough in the technology, self-reflect and determine if you feel the same way, that it's important to share that information with others, to help them grow, mature, collaborate, and if that's the case, get involved.

The vExpert program, if you've done your part and depending on the journey you've taken towards the different application options, will provide you with the community recognition that you may or may not want, but maybe should deserve based on your individual accomplishments and more importantly your willingness to 'spread the good word' to others, which in my book, is what's really the reason I applied in the first place.  I'm excited about what's happening in the market today and can't wait to see what the next decade brings us.